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Compensate contributors with sweat equity tokens with our fully compliant solution.

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Sporos Sweat Equity Platform

We believe upside and governance should be given to those who provide real value to a project. Not just those who are in the 'boardroom'.

Sweat equity management solution

Use one platform to effectively track work performed and reward contributors with your DAO’s sweat equity tokens.


  • Attract and compensate contributors while bootstrapping your business.
  • Align upside and incentives across all contributors.
  • Empower sweat equity token holders with pro rata governance rights.
  • Dynamically reward contributors with sweat equity tokens instead of an arbitrary fixed amount.

Launch your DAO in Minutes

Launch your for-profit DAO as an LLC in minutes.


  • Tailored to for-profit businesses with exposure to the U.S.
  • Instantly create a Delaware LLC using Ethereum and certain L2s.
  • Receive custom Operating Agreement designed to manage your DAO with sweat equity token holders immediately.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • No doxxing required to start.

Fully compliant platform

Sporos makes it simple to comply with U.S. legal, securities, and tax regulations.


  • Sweat equity tokens are structured to provide governance and upside without being a security.
  • C-corp tax treatment to avoid K-1s being required for sweat equity token holders.
  • No taxable event for sweat equity token holders until a liquidity event.
  • Sweat equity tokens are non-transferrable to comply with securities laws.

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